What is your turnaround time?

We deliver first drafts in 5 business days.

How long should my resume be?

A professional resume should be no longer than 2 pages. If you have fewer than 5 years’ work experience, your resume will likely be 1 page.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

A resume is a 2 page document highlighting your work experience, education, and achievements. A CV is much more detailed and is more often used for academic and research based positions. CV’s can reach upwards of 10 pages depending on your career background.

Should I have a resume for every position?

You should always tailor a resume for the position and company to which you are applying. We create your resume so that you can easily edit keywords for each position you apply.

I am not online. Is this a problem?

92% of companies use social media for recruiting. You are missing out if you do not have a LinkedIn profile or professional landing page.

Do employers really look at LinkedIn?

Nearly all hiring authorities will search for you on LinkedIn before calling you. If you are not present, you risk appearing outdated and irrelevant.

Aren’t resumes a thing of the past?

Resumes are still required for all advertised positions, and often a cover letter too. Although the practice may seem outdated, the purpose of a resume has now shifted from being a personal biography to more of a sales document. A resume should never be the only weapon in your toolbox. It is a compliment to your online presence.

What is an ATS?

ATS is short for Applicant Tracking System. Nearly 100% of companies use an ATS to sort through their applicants. Some are more advanced than others. When you apply online, your resume is given a score based on its relevance to the job description and many other factors. The higher your match rate, the better chance you will get a call.

Are your resumes ATS friendly?

Yes, our resumes and cover letters will always be ATS friendly and optimized. There are a plethora of reasons why a resume could be rejected by an ATS and sent into the black hole. Lucky for you, we know how to beat the bots!

Are cover letters even read anymore?

Yes and no. A personalized cover letter, if requested, should always be provided. Although cover letters require some additional work, any candidate who takes the initiative to write a cover letter is giving 10X more effort than a candidate who doesn’t bother. Which candidate do you want to be?

Why is everyone talking about the importance of keywords?

Everything that we write for you is optimized for keywords and search. The better the wording on your resume and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or professional bio, the better chance you will appear in the top of any employers’ search.