At Executive Resume Solutions, we solve career roadblocks for some of the world’s most talented and dedicated professionals. 

When it comes to looking for new career opportunities, it often feels like a lot of guessing. You don’t always know how to ‘sell’ yourself for a new role, and employers often miss the mark between what they think they want and what they truly need. 

With rapid changes in technology, we now add artificial intelligence into the mix, confusing both parties when it comes to conducting interviews and making hiring decisions.

Executive Resume Solutions bridges the gap 
between you and your ideal employer.

So, how do we do it? 

For starters, we are not traditional resume writers. In fact, our team is also trained in sales, recruitment, copywriting, and tech. We know how to navigate the applicant tracking system bots of today (the gatekeepers of your online applications!) while positioning you in a professional light. 

We believe that ‘professional’ doesn’t have to mean typical, stale, or even worse – how it’s always been done.

Chances are, you really need us if your cover letter starts with, 

I wish to apply for…
Enclosed, please find my…
I am writing to apply for…

At Executive Resume Solutions, we leverage data, play with keyword optimization, and deploy agile research methods when we craft your work. 

We give you actionable advice that you can realistically implement, and we provide you with career branding services that will ensure you are a viable contender in your competitive space.

Our mission is to help you to achieve a distinct professional brand so that you can attract your desired career opportunities.

Rachelle Enns founded Executive Resume Solutions after leaving a career in executive recruitment. She took her robust knowledge of the hiring process and repositioned this expertise to give job seekers their power back.

A job search specialist, interview expert, and educator, Rachelle trains career coaches and resume writers in her unique approach to professional branding. Rachelle also partners with numerous career-focused organizations worldwide, including, the internet’s most visited interview coaching site.

Rachelle’s resume writing method has proven to be highly impactful, landing her the badge of top 1% resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn writer across 12-million service providers in the Upwork community.

Be sure to connect with Rachelle on LinkedIn, and sign up here to gain access to exclusive professional resources.

Empower yourself with top-notch professional branding.