Looking for a job can be the biggest psychological mind melt you have ever experienced. Here are 7 helpful tips to get out of your job search slump. Implement these ideas so that you can you spin your difficult situation into a positive life lesson that will bring you closer to your dream job.

1. Avoid giant job boards. Major job boards can be a huge time suck, and you may be eliminated as a viable candidate faster than you can say “hire me.” Why? When you apply through a large job board, there is a high chance that you are sending your resume to a company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) before it reaches a live person. Simply put, an ATS is a system designed to filter through large numbers of applications based on preset keyword criteria. If you don’t hit the mark with all (or most) of the keywords, you aren’t shortlisted. Simple as that. Aside from being a significant time waster – your carefully crafted applications on these ginormous job boards are likely being sent to the black hole.  

2. Keep organized. One of my not-so-favorite moments as a recruiter is when a candidate tells me that they cannot remember which positions they have applied to. This screams, “I don’t really care where I land – I need any job at all.” Understandably, after dozens of applications, everything can appear to be the same. This is why you should be a smart cookie and keep track of all of your applications. Organizing this data can also help you to personally analyze the common factors in the job postings that are attracting your eye. That is if you’re a nerd like me.

3. Attract the hiring managers to you. Does your milkshake bring all the recruiters to the yard? (Throwback to 2003 one hit wonders!) What do hiring managers and recruiters love? Numbers, results, and proof that you are a rockstar. Include some of your greatest achievements on your LinkedIn profile, personal website, and your resume. They won’t be able to help but pick up the phone.

4. Create an interactive resume. You can get creative by making a personal website using an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool such as www.squarespace.com. Another option could be to create a YouTube video about yourself or even an Instagram account dedicated to your career search. If you aren’t quite there yet – at the very least, include some links to your social presence on your resume (Ideally, LinkedIn and Twitter). This brings me to point number five…

5. Be social media savvy. Having a legitimate (and respectful) online presence can be one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. A hiring manager can rightfully pass on your application because of an unsavory online presence. Read more about this in my other article here.

6. Stop cold-calling recruiters. It’s like a bad relationship. They just aren’t that into you, and it’s exhausting for both sides. If you follow these other steps (and read my other articles!), you will find that the recruiters will be calling you. A recruiter is not there to help you find a job. A recruiter’s job is to find the very best candidate for their client…the company who is hiring. All you need to do is look like the desirable candidate that they just can’t live without. See…it’s just like dating.

7. Send your resume at the right time. Statistically, resume’s are given the most attention on a Monday morning (grrrr of course). The majority of job seekers are active on Wednesday’s so it’s best if you can send your irresistible resume to that hiring manager on a Monday morning when you know they are on their email. Beat everyone else to the punch.  

In conclusion, and most importantly…don’t take yourself too seriously. Be like-able!
It can be tough to stay positive through rejection, but if you remain positive, you will be a natural stand-out.

The right fit is out there. Search smart, and be yourself.